“We make good stuff!”

With the constant introduction of new manufacturers, printers, hardware, filaments, and users, the 3D printing experience can vary from “awesome” to “awful”.  My experience leans towards awesome, but there are days when a printer just wants to extrude a ball of micro-filament or nothing at all, rather than parts.  Super-frustrating!

So, we’ve been thinking a lot about why we have a mostly positive experience.  Certainly, being technical people, experienced in building and operating machines helps.  Having mostly name-brand printers, though not a guarantee of success, doesn’t hurt either.   Finally, we have an unlimited supply of quality, Proto-pasta filament.

“We make good stuff!”  It’s true.  You might complain Proto-pasta is expensive, but you’d never say it’s low quality.  All the extra stuff we add is fun, but it’s expensive, and sometimes all you need is affordable quality.  Enter Easy Printing, Everyday PLA.  Our most basic product, made with care by ProtoPlant.

So reliable.  So many uses.  Samples are free.  Only $14.99/spool…everyday.  Awesome!